Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cowboy Welcome Sign Scroll Saw Pattern.


Cowboy welcome home sign cut from 1/2" wood and painted black.

I Love Your Dimples:

I get emails all the time asking what blades I use. I answer Flying Dutchman brand from Mike over at www.mikesworkshop.com. Most long time scrollers will have their favorite blades. Some will have multiple brands with certain blades from each brand and others are brand loyal. I am the brand loyal guy. I have used just about every blade out there but I always end up back to my Flying Dutchman blades. It's just a preference. I won't get into debates over which blades are best. My opinion is obvious but use what works for you.

If you do try the Flying Dutchman blades I have a recommendation.  I have always been a fan of the Scroll Reverse model for the splinter free finish on the backside of the cut. A while back when I was talking with Mike he suggested the newer Ultra Reverse blades. Mike never steers me wrong so I bought a bunch of different sizes.

The big feature of the blade besides the reverse tooth pattern and the hardened steel was the dimple. The dimple serves a very simple purpose. It lets you instantly know which end of the blade goes up. At first I thought it was more of a gimmick than a true feature. Boy was I wrong. That dimple comes in super handy especially on the smaller blades. Even after 30 plus years of scrolling I would still occasionally install a blade upside down. My fingers are callused and feeling the small tooth pattern was not that easy. Now I never even have to think about it. Grab the blade by the dimple and install it. As I get older the simple things seem to make more of a difference to me. I love that dimple.

Flying Dutchman Brand Ultra Reverse Blade with Dimple.

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