Monday, February 1, 2021

Flower Pot Stake Decorations Scroll Saw Patterns.

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These flower pot stakes can add some decoration to your flowers. I cut them from 1/4" Baltic birch plywood so they are light. It is easy to stack cut a few at a time. In the writeup below about Google Image Search, you can find information to make just about an unlimited number of patterns like these.

Once you find a graphic just draw in a stake and you have a new pattern. You can draw in detail for veining at the scroll saw but it is not required. Simple shapes can work just as well. Read the next section for more details.

Do not abuse Google Image but don't ignore it either.

Do you want thousands of free patterns? Here is a tip that can give you all the patterns you could ever want(There is a catch). Google has an image search capability. After you type in a subject you want to search for and press enter, the top of the page will have choices. One of the choices is "Image". If you click that link Google will show you images based on your search word. 

To find simple shapes that can be