Friday, February 21, 2020

Honey Bee Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

This honey bee pattern is 10" X 8". It is made up of three layers. 

Bees are one of the most important species of insects on earth. Bees pollinate 1/3 of the worlds crops. If bees become extinct the human species may very well follow their fate. You may have heard reports that bees colonies are collapsing at alarming rates. Recent studies have shown that insect species are going extinct at a rate 40% higher than mammals. There are a few bee species that are endangered but most scientist don't think a total collapse is not in the near future.

The moral of the story is that we should respect what bees do for us and the world at large. Farmers can take steps to help protect bees from insecticides. For the rest of us we can give bees a good and healthy environment in our back yards. 

The Amazing World of Bees Video

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