Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Star Trek Plaque Scroll Saw Pattern. Portrait Pattern Design, Complete Course.
There are lots of Trekkies out there who would love to get this eight inch plaque. I was around nine years old when Star Trek come on television. I don't think I even blinked when it was on. I loved the show then but I did not get into the hype in later years. I watched the movies when they came on but did not pay much attention to the reruns. 

I have been working on a video tutorial for several days. I finally finished it last night. This will not be free but I believe the price is very reasonable. $7.99 for viewing on YouTube and $10 for the DVD. More details below.

I get requests for custom portrait patterns every week. Now you will be able to make your own. Really it's not that difficult. I promise.  Basic computer skills will get you through this tutorial.

I have put together a one hour and thirty minute tutorial on how to create a Portrait Style Pattern using free graphics software. I will take you from the beginning to the end of the process. I have made every effort to cover all the details including cutting the pattern in my shop after we finish it.

I will show you where to get the software and how to install it and set it up. The name of the program is GIMP. It has been around for years and has a great reputation. There is a version for Windows, MAC and linux.

Because of some crazy red tape the YouTube video will only be sold in the United State. Outside the US will need to purchase the data DVD. It ships to 60 different countries. 

The training is available in two formats.

You can purchase it on YouTube for $7.99. After purchase you can watch it as many time as you like for the life of my YouTube channel. Note: The video will not let you pay if you are on and iPad or iPhone. The video will not start. Not sure about Android.

I have also created a DVD of the video. $10 plus shipping. This is a data DVD not to be confused with a video DVD. You will put it in your computer to watch the video tutorial. It's not for your DVD player. If you do not have a DVD drive in your computer do not buy the DVD. 

Click the image of your choice to buy the Portrait Pattern Tutorial.

Portrait Pattern Design, Complete Course. Video Trailer.
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