Friday, July 20, 2018

3D Compound Cut Veteran Name Block Scroll Saw Patterns..

The custom 3D Name patterns I have been making have been very popular. I was working on a few today and decided to make a few for the vets out there. This pattern book contains patterns for all five branches of the US military. 
There are two different strategies for cutting the compound cuts. You can use a compound cut 3D Jig to hold block as you cut. This gives you more to hold on to and also allows you to not remove the waste wood while you cut side two. 

If you leave the waste wood in while you cut side two you will not have soft area voids where the blade wants to run away. 

On a block this size I usually just cut freehand. I am more careful on side two. I pay attention to where the weak areas will be and cut slower. Either way works fine.

This Jig pattern is not long enough for the seven-inch block
in this 3D Veteran pattern book. You will need to modify it to
be long enough if you want to use the Jig. 

You can also use a wooden hand screw clamp if you have one. I have used two
of these clamps when I need to cut a large block.

If you want to order these name block with your names they are $5 per pattern.
You can use a first and last name or two first names.

Order Here

The pattern will be delivered by email and you only pay after
you receive the pattern and are completely happy.
You will be able to pay through PayPal with a credit card
or send check or cash to the included address.
You do not need a PayPal account to pay
with your credit card.