Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Initial Christmas Tree Scroll Saw Pattern.

Three Styles
Download Below

This pattern book has 79 patterns. There are three sets of fonts for 78 Christmas trees. There is one extra with an angel. Each pattern is 10.5" tall. You may like to enlarge this pattern and use it as a front door initial. 150% enlargement will give you a pattern that is almost 16" tall. 

You could take the pattern to a print shop and have it printed on 11" X 17" paper or you can use the next option.

If you use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC as your default PDF viewer then you can use the Poster print function to enlarge the pattern. 150% will give you a pattern that is almost 16" tall. The pattern will print on four sheets of paper. You will need to cut and tape the pattern together.

Wood resource in Canada. Mail order.

I had an email question today that I am hoping some of you can help me with. One of my Canadian subscribers is looking for a scroll saw ready wood supplier located in Canada. If anyone can make some suggestions I will pass them along here on the blog.

Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns:

I am still making good progress on ornament patterns. I should be able to get caught up today. If you have orders in the queue, keep your eye on your email inbox.

The price is $1 per name with a 5 name minimum. I keep the price as low as possible
because I want everyone to have a chance to make these ornaments for family and friends.

You only pay after you have received the order and are