Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Owl and Moon Scroll Saw Pattern.


The moon in this owl pattern is seven inches in diameter. That will give you a reference of the pattern size.  Printing scroll saw patterns from the Adobe Reader:
I often receive email asking about my patterns printing the wrong size.  Let me explain what happens. Look at the screen shot below. This is the print dialog from Adobe Reader. Depending on which version you have it may be slightly different. Note the area in the red box. This is the Page Sizing & Handling section. If the Radio button under Size Options is not set to "Actual Size" the pattern will not be printed to the dimensions required.

Another common question is "Do I have to print the cover page?" No. If you look above the red box you will see the "Pages to Print" Section. In this section you can print All pages, Current page and a range of pages. Normally you can skip printing the first two pages of my pattern books.

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