Monday, September 19, 2022

Seven Different Flip Reminder Sign Scroll Saw Patterns.

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These novelty reminder flip signs are all cut from 1/4" thick Baltic birch plywood. They are probably more novelty than they are useful but I think they are fun. 


Choosing the correct scroll saw blade:

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will have heard this before. I want to repeat it because I still get emails weekly asking which scroll saw blade to use on a project. There are new scrollers coming into the hobby and they have questions.

If you are confused by the number of different types of scroll saw blades then you are walking the path almost all of us went down. In the next sentence, I am going to write a tip that you can read and then just skip the rest of this article. Everything after the next sentence is just details.

If you buy #3 and #5 scroll reverse scroll saw blades you will have what you need to cut 95% of all the thousands of patterns out there. It really is that simple.

When you shop for scroll saw blades you will often see charts that say if you are cutting wood that is a certain thickness then use this particular blade. These charts are designed for cutting efficiency. A larger blade will cut thicker wood faster but most of the time that is not what we need.

If you use a #9 blade to cut a pattern on 1" thick wood you may have trouble. The #9 blade will cut the 1" thick wood easily but what if the pattern has very intricate interior cuts? The #9 blade may not be able to make the turns or maybe not even fit in a small interior cut. 

Instead of selecting the blade by the thickness of the wood, it is often better to select the blade on the type of pattern you are cutting. It is not unusual for me to choose a #3 or #5 blade to cut very thick wood. It may not be the most efficient choice but it is the cleaner cut choice. A #3 blade will cut 3/4" thick wood. You just have to go slower. This is not a race. Go as slow as is needed to make the cut.

After you get your feet wet then start experimenting with different blades. I said above that I use #3 and #5 blades 95% of the time. That's true but I have just about every type and size of blade on the market. There are times when they come in handy. I may need to cut 1.5" thick wood and there are just straight lines. A #7 or #9 will do that job better so why not use them.

There are specialty blades that are designed for cutting metal, plastic, and other materials. If you want to try those materials then you will want to get the proper blade. There are scrollers who only cut specialty materials like Corian. Without the proper blade, you will melt the Corian as you cut and fuse the cut back together.

To finish my thought let me say that when it comes to creating art there is seldom just one way to complete the job. You have to experiment to find what you are most comfortable with. My tip above is just my suggestion for getting started and not getting bogged down in the scroll saw blade confusion.

2022 Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns are open for orders.

I am taking orders for this year's personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns. The price is the same as always. Five names minimum for $5. $1 for each additional name. 

The order form will accept up to twenty names. If you need more than twenty then start a new order form. PLEASE double-check the spelling of names. PLEASE, make sure that you select an ornament style for each name entered. After the order form is complete scroll to the bottom and hit the SUBMIT Button.

I will complete the order and email you the patterns as a PDF just like all the patterns in my catalog. You will not need to pay for the patterns until they are delivered. If you are pleased with the patterns there will be a payment link in the email. There will also be an address to send cash or check payments

My goal is to complete the orders within three days. As the holiday season gets into full swing I may need more time. I will keep times posted on the blog.
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Personalized Pet Ornaments are $2 per name with no minimum order.