Friday, January 6, 2023

Challenging Bird Jigsaw Puzzles Scroll Saw Patterns.

The Updated Scrollsaw Workshop Catalog is now Available. 

If you are interested in purchasing my Scrollsaw Workshop Catalog it is available below, after the pattern download button. I have added all of the 2022 patterns. Remember, these are the same patterns that are available in my free online catalog. This purchase is for those who wish to have a backup in case I decide to retire or become unavailable(nice way of saying six feet under). I don't have plans to do either but we don't always get to decide. 😀

I have sent a download link to all of those who purchased the instant download and were eligible for the free update. That included anyone who made the purchase after October 1st.

If you purchased the USB drive or the DVD after October 1st, 2022 you are also eligible for the free update download. I am working on getting those updates emailed out. If you do not see the update email in the next couple of days feel free to email me for the update. Use the email subject"Update" to make sure I see it.

The instant download is $20 and the USB drive is $26.50 including shipping.

Four Jigsaw Puzzle Templates and three Bird Photos:

This pattern has templates for 192-piece, 165-piece, 130-piece, and 88-piece jigsaw puzzles. There are three public domain matching bird photos included but you can use any 8" X 10" photo. These are a high number of piece puzzles so they will take a while to cut.

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Download the Pattern Below

When cutting jigsaw puzzles I use what I call the sandwich method. I glue the photo to a Baltic birch plywood board. I set a second board, the same size on top of the photo. I wrap both boards with the photo in the middle with blue painter's tape. I then spray glue the jigsaw template on top of the sandwich. 

When you use the spray glue to attach the photo to the board make sure you follow the directions for a permanent bond. This usually means spraying both the board and the back of the photo. Apply the photo and use a roller to get a good bond.

I use high-quality photo paper to print the photo. Matte and gloss will both work okay

Use a #2/0 scroll saw blade so you get a good fit of the pieces. If you use a larger blade the piece will have a sloppy fit.

This pat