Monday, December 1, 2014

New Custom Layered Name Ornament Patterns for Sale.

I know it's late in the season but I want to give these Custom Layered Christmas ornaments a try.  If they go over well I will add them to the list for next year. The patterns are $1 per name with a 5 name Minimum. These orders will be limited because of the time left in the season. I'll probably stop taking orders when I can't get them finished by the 15th.

Click on the "Click to Order" button below to load the order form. Please carefully fill out the form and double check the spelling of the names. I will work double time to get these out as quickly as possible. I know there are not many days left so I will hurry. Right now I am totally caught up on orders so I will get started tomorrow on these. Order early for fastest shipment. As with all my custom ornaments the patterns will be delivered by email. You only pay once you have the patterns. I will send an invoice with the order. You can pay with your credit card securely through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to pay. You also have the option to send check or cash. All the details will be in the invoice.

Let me say that these are harder to cut than the single name ornaments patterns. Because you are going to be cutting these from 1/8" thick material they require a little more skill. I did make one design change on the ornament. I added a toy bag to Santa. It attaches the the outer ring and makes him more stable. You will be able to choose which version you like best. They are both included in the pattern. 

If you want to try a test before you order then you can also download the test ornament below. It's a single layer but will give you confidence that you can complete these layered ornaments.

I recommend 1/8" thick Baltic Birch plywood for these ornaments. The plywood is very strong and will make them lass fragile. If you do choose to use hardwood then choose a tight grained wood like walnut or maple. Red Oak would be a very bad choice. You will need to treat these as fragile ornaments. The ones I have made have been handled quite a bit and have held up without breaking but like a glass ornament you would not want to throw them across the room. They will break.

This is the test ornament

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Soccer/Football Trophy Scroll Saw Pattern.

Large Soccer/Football trophy.
The Scrollsaw Workshop is primarily supported by donations. If you enjoy this Blog and would like to make a donation please click this link. Your support is greatly appreciated. Make A Donation

I got my copy. Did you?


Sue Mey has started an exciting new venture. She is producing an e-magazine. I purchased my copy and I think she has done a wonderful job of including something for everyone. The patterns alone are worth many times the cost of the download. I hope you support her effort so she can grow this project into something special. 
My e-Magazine may not compare to a regular scroll saw magazine, as it does not have the variety and diversity that result from having various designers contribute. However, I do hope you enjoy making some of the projects from the selection of patterns I have assembled here, and that the articles may be found useful, especially by the novice scroll sawyer. There are 16 projects plus 13 ornaments – all new patterns, not available on my website. The patterns range from easy crosses and butterflies for the beginner, to a detailed snowman family made in three layers, and a horse portrait with 58 inside cuts. There are projects for Christmas, and several other items you can make as gifts.
I decided not to offer subscription at this time, but to first see how it goes with the first issue. Most of the patterns included are based on requests and suggestions I received in your feedback. See the table of contents below for more detail on the projects included. Vectors are available on request.

NW1018 e-Magazine Issue 1 - Holiday 2014 $7.95
Table of Contents
Basic Scroll Saw Procedures
Twelve steps - from preparing the saw to applying finishing touches, illustrated and described in detail. Included are tips and techniques, especially helpful to the beginner scroll sawyer.

Patterns & projects
♦ Merry Christmas Santa
♦ Layered Window Plaque - Snowman Family       
♦ Triple Arch Nativity   
♦ Girl Angel with Flowers       
♦ Angel with Book
♦ Freestanding Holy Night Nativity           
♦ Six Sledding Animal Ornaments        
♦ Wavy Ornaments            
♦ Six Slim line Compound-cut Ornaments       
♦ Dream Catcher with Feathers
♦ Horse Portrait   
♦ Square Trinket Box with Words lid
♦ Two Easy Butterfly Plaques
♦ Tropical Flower Butterfly Plaque
♦ Three Easy Crosses
♦ Kids’ Cell phone Toy
Instructions are included for all projects

Article: Adding color to projects
If you like to enhance your scroll saw work with color, this piece provides tips for using wood stains, spray paints, acrylics, inks, and polymer clay. Various paint techniques are described and illustrated.

Article: Using fabric, paper and vinyl acetate
Learn how to saw thin plastic materials and paper using the stack-cut method, and make beautiful greeting cards, cupcake collars, folded butterflies and more. Also combine natural wood with fabric to great effect.

Article: Photographing your work
How many times have you made a beautiful scroll saw project that you would like to share with others through photographs, but, unfortunately, the photo does not do justice to the project? This is a frustration shared by many! In this article, I provide some basic tips for improving the quality of your pictures.
Visit the Special Offers category for pattern sets at reduced prices and a great deal on seven digital books: 40 Christian crosses, 44 Christmas projects, 40 Boxes, 46 Angel-themed projects, 50 Signs & Plaques, 50 Clocks and 40 Love & friends patterns.
Patterns purchased from my website are conveniently delivered as downloads to your computer for immediate printing and use. All patterns are available in vector format on request.