Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Curved Lid Box

Download Below

This project involves quite a bit of sanding. The curved lid is sanded after the box is assembled to match the curve of the side walls. It took me about an hour to finish the sanding. I had the luxury of a flexible 8" sanding drum. That helped a lot but the sanding can be done with almost any power sanding tool. 

The box is 7" wide, 5" deep, and 4.5" tall. All of the pieces are 1/2" thick except for the lid retainer under the lid. It is 1/4" thick. I used walnut and maple. The maple has a beautiful chatoyance. I wish I had more of this wood but I am about to run out. I got it from Heritage Wood Specialties. They are one of my sponsors and I often get great boards from them. This one was exceptionally beautiful.

This photo makes it look like the bottom of the box is showing. The bottom of the box is hidden in the design. This was just where the board had been glued up. That was a poor choice on my part. I should have selected the board more carefully.

Look at the edges of my prototype box. They are too thin. This happened because my original design had the from and back wall too high. I changed the pattern so they are 1/8" lower. The will keep the edges of the lid thicker and less likely to chip.

This picture shows the box fully assembled and ready to have the lid curve sanded. Sand the X's away until the lid matches the curves of the side walls.