Thursday, October 22, 2020

Butterfly and a Rose Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This Butterfly and a Rose plaque pattern is ten inches tall. The plaque has two layers. I suggest in the pattern that the front layer is 1/2" thick and the back layer is 1/4" thick. All of my suggestions are only suggestions. Use what boards you have available just try to keep the plaque 3/4" thick or less.

Laser engraved and cut Signature Coins Information:

I receive a lot of emails asking about my Signature Coins. One of the more common questions is about the burn residue left after they are finished. Most people just leave the residue on the coins. Once you embed the coin in your project and add a protective finish the coin slightly darkens and hides some of the residues. 

When I engrave the coins for you I set the power of the laser high enough to get a deep engraving. This gives you plenty of room to sand the coins and remove the residue completely. When you sand the coins the sawdust will collect in the engraving so you have to blow it out to bring the etching back. 

Another question is about custom graphics on the coins. I have tried to do that in the past and it takes a considerable amount of time. I would love to do that but it is just not feasible with my schedule. I will still consider it if you ask but don't be surprised at the cost. The cost of design will run about $50 an hour. 

The next question is about custom sizes. I make the coins 1" in diameter. This seems to be the most common size so I think I will stick with that. 

I have been asked if I will sell the laser file so you can burn your own coins. That is a bit difficult because of the different formats people want. Let me give it some thought to see if I can make that work. The price of the file will be more expensive than one order of the coins but I have not figured out what it will be yet.

A few people have asked if they can cover the coins with black paint. Sand away the paint that is not in the engraving to get a nice black engraving or any other color. I have been able to make that work but it is touch and go. Sometimes the paint will seep into the small cracks in the wood not sand away. I am trying to test a rapid drying spray paint to see if I can make the process more reliable. If I get it working I will pass along the information.

If you have questions about the Personalized Signature Coins feel free to shoot me an email. 

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