Monday, March 20, 2017

Large Easter Egg Basket.

I have mentioned this before but I thought I would again for the new comers. I have a link to a page that lists every one of my blog posts all the way back to May 1, 2007. Currently the total number of posts are 2928. This can sometimes come in handy when you are searching for a particular item. When the page loads you can browse the titles or use the F3 key to do a search. Just click the title of the post to load the blog to that page.

Information: Frustrating.
The Community forum is currently down with database errors. I am working to get it restored. This process almost always takes several hours to solve. I know that many of you enjoy the forum and I will do my best to get it running again. 

It may take a little longer this time because I have to try to figure out why this keeps happening. It appears to be a server side database problem and not the forum software it's self. That means I have to work with my hosts tech support. They have always been very good in assisting but they are slow and the first line is not always highly technically literate. Once I get through to the actual support staff it get's much better. That can take 24 to 48 hours. 

Please be patient and I'll do my best to get it back up and running

The restore of the database resolved the problem. The forum is back up. I still don't know why the database is getting corrupted but at least it's working now. Thanks for your patience.

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