Friday, May 1, 2020

Mother. The Heart of the Family Scroll Saw Pattern.

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We are getting close to Mother's Day. Our mothers are often the heart of the family. I may be wrong but I believe that Sheila Landry Designs was the first to design this style of pattern. I don't know that for sure but if it was their creation, they came up with a very popular style of word art. I get a request for these all the time. If you like this style then click the link above to check out what they have to offer. They also have hundreds of patterns that would be perfect mother's day gifts.

If you are a beginner this project may be a challenge. The interior text is pretty small. If you tackle this project just go slow and make sure you use a sharp blade.

I designed this pattern in two sizes. The large one is 15" long and the small one is 10.25" long. I tried to ensure that even the small version would work with a 1/16" drill bit. That bit will drill all the interior holes but it is close and the cuts are small. The larger pattern will be easier to cut if you can handle the larger board.

My Online Stencil Printer: It's Free.

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This online program just does two things. It creates custom keyfobs and custom desk nameplate patterns. Both of these projects are easy to make on the scroll saw and people love getting gifts with their names on them.

You can create multiple patterns on each sheet. You can move and resize the patterns. When you have your patterns complete just hit the Save/Download button to create a PDF that you can save or print.

Remember to bookmark the page so you can get back.

The sheet below is the printout from the patterns above. You need to set the print dialog to landscape for a correct printout.

This online program will work on any operating system that uses a browser. Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, and Linux.