Monday, December 28, 2009

Experimenting with homemade epoxy inlay

After reviewing the Inlace liquid inlay product I received a few email suggesting I try making my own. I have done this before with limited success but it has been a while so I thought I would experiment a little. The key chain above is my attempt at creating a mixture that simulates granite inlay.

I purchased a a tube of Loctite gel two part 6 minute epoxy and a small bag of ornamental sand. The sand is brown with white mixed in.

I cut and glued together the dolphin key chain from the book I posted the other day.

I also have a small cup and wooden stir to mix the inlay.

I put several drops of the two part epoxy in the cup. This gel is very thick.

I mixed in the sand and stirred the mixture well. The gel was too thick to pour into the dolphin cut out so I just packed it in as tight as I could.

I waited 1/2 hour to let the epoxy set. I should have waited much longer. The epoxy was set up hard on the surface but as I sanded the inside was sill a little tacky and made a mess on my sander. I was able to sand it flus