Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bicycle and Dog Scroll Saw Pattern.
Bicycle and dog out of a single board.


YouTube Video by "2 Hands Maximum Effort"

When I run across a video on YouTube video that I enjoy I like to share it with you all. This gentleman with the Channel name "2 Hands Maximum Effort" builds a large scroll saw box.  

He does a nice job on the box but what I enjoyed the most was the actual build process. When you watch the video you can feel the enjoyment he is getting from making something with his own hands in his own workshop. I know all of you can relate to that feeling. That's the feeling that makes most of us do this hobby.

I think it's also really cool that he is building a Tribal themed box and he has this fantastic tribal tattoo on his arm.  The video is about 14 minutes long. He does show the flocking technique at the end of the video. If you have never done any flocking you can see the process. 

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