Thursday, April 30, 2020

Circus Whistle Scroll Saw Pattern.

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I call this a circus whistle because it is large and has a bead for a warble sound. Click the play button below to hear the sound. The whistle sounds pretty good once you get the top piece adjusted correctly. You will possibly need to angle it a bit until you get the best sound before you glue it in place.

What child does not like a whistle. Grandpa, the best part is you can send it home with the kids so they and make beautiful music for their parents. :)

For a little more fun, buy some craft paint and let the kids decorate their whistle. Just tape off the mouthpiece before they start painting.

As you can see the pattern could not be simpler. The bottom cut is a stack of two 1/8" pieces. The top two parts are 1/2" thick. 

The little round piece in the center of the whistle is optional but give the sound a warble that is cool. Just make sure it is not too small and falls out the soundhole. Don't use a heavy wood or it won't move well.

You can see in the picture above that I have the glue ready to stick on the top wall of the whistle. Notice how the top of the mouthpiece is angled. I moved this piece until I got the best sound then glued it in place. While the glue is still wet you can move this piece if needed.

After you get it clamped for the glue to cure you should give all the edges a sanded round over. I tapered the mouthpiece on all four edges so it felt better in the mouth. 

Double-check the sound before the cures in case you need to adjust it.

Play Whistle for Ten Seconds

The following are patterns that Sue Mey is currently offering on her site. Her patterns are always beautiful and I like to support the community whenever I can. These are not paid ads and I don't make any money for the purchases. I simply think Sue is a valuable part of the community and we need to help all of the designers when we can. 

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Many people are using their time in lockdown to make a start on Christmas projects. This project was made by Elwood Cook, who once again did a great job with infinite patience when edits and re-cuts were required. Here is the latest addition to the Pyramids section.

NW3650 Santa's workshop pyramid One six-sided tier with a three-dimensional house and miniatures (bench, sled, gift boxes) on tier two. The six upright panels depict a workshop with fencing, decorations, windows and a front door. Various overlays highlight the scene and a sign on a post affirm the project theme. The completed pyramid is 9.3" (235mm) tall. Tier 1 bottom base perimeter: 11.5" x 10" (292mm x 254mm). Tier 1 smaller base perimeter: 10" x 8.7" (254mm x 220mm). House topper: 4.7" (120mm) square and 5.4" (137mm) tall. Adding lights and displaying the project on a motorized rotating stand is optional $11.95
See a video of the completed project HERE

For those who requested a two tier version of this pyramid:
NW3651 Nature scenes pyramid #3 Two six-sided tiers with tree decorations on one tier and a five-sided tree topper. Each of the 12 upright panels in the tiers depicts a different nature scene such as deer, wolf, bear, fish, eagle, sunrise, winter scene, camping, fishing, cabin, mountains, trees, lakes, vegetation. The completed pyramid is 13" (329mm) tall. Tier 1 perimeter: 10" x 8.7" (254mm x 220mm). Tier 2 perimeter: 8" x 7" (205mm x 177mm). Tree topper: 4.1" (105mm) diameter and 3.9" (100mm) tall. Adding lights and displaying the project on a motorized rotating stand is optional $14.95

Have you seen:
Made and videotaped by Paul LeGall - Paul omitted the perimeter shape and did the project on a piece of wood with a natural edge.
NW3019 Coat hanger - Deer in the forest 18" x 9.7" $5.95
Watch the video here

Cut and meticulously painted by Lisa Locatelli Harrell - RE138 Military cross 18" x 11.6" $7.95

The project on the right was made by Anthony Copeland - from Compound-cut section
NW1849 Tea light candle stands Two patterns 5.7" and 5" tall Use 2" x 2" wood, cut or sanded down to 1 7/8" x 1 7/8" blanks $5.00

A backer with Tea option has been added for this pattern - NW833 Coffee plaque 7.9" diameter $5.00

Dale Marshall used the pattern to make a lighted project
NW083 LOVE square With oversized backing 8" square $5.00

Project on the left made by Crystal Cook - AN027 Breast cancer butterfly 9.3" x 7" $5.00
RE165 Cancer awareness cross 11" x 8" Two versions: 'Survivor' and 'Courage' $5.50

Two horseshoe projects made by Elwood Cook
NW2110 Horseshoe - Moment of silence Male and female versions 8.3" x 7.7" $5.00
NW2106 Horseshoe - Mountain cabin 8.3" x 7.7" $5.00

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Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
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