Monday, November 19, 2018

Beautiful Wooden Rings with Stainless Steel Inserts. No pattern needed.

We are going to make these beautiful wooden rings with our scroll saw. There is no pattern needed for this project. The PDF download below gives complete instructions. I won't give all the details here in the post. Download the PDF if you need detailed instructions.

This project is not too difficult. The cutting needs to be close but we will sand the wood sleeve to fit the stainless steel insert. If you make a mistake just throw out the wood part and cut it again until you get it perfect.

I completed this ring in under an hour and a half.  If you get good at these there is room for profit. The inserts are cheap and there is not much labor involved. You use such a small amount of wood
that you can use highly figured exotics and still not be out much money.

We are going to use stainless steel ring inserts from this link. I purchased two size 10's and two size 11's and the cost was only $23 including shipping. They have many sizes available in different widths. The inserts are extremely comfortable. The name of the company is Craft Supplies USA. I don't know if they ship internationally. You will have to ask if you are out of the country.

I have no affiliation with this company. I purchased the rings and they arrived in just a few days. The order process was easy. 
 Make the pattern on the fly.
Tape it down to trace the circumference. 
 Now we have our pattern.
Find a highly figured exotic wood that is slightly thicker than the insert you chose. 
 Cut inside the pattern line. We will sand it to fit.
At this point, the ring should not fit. 
 I used a spindle sander but use what you have.
Test the fit. Test the fit. Test the fit. Did I say test the fit? Do not over sand. The ring needs to fit smoothly but not so snug that the wood ring breaks. When we glue the wood to the steel insert we can make up for slight overcuts but not much. Start over if you make a mistake. You might want to start out cutting two or three for back-ups.
 Now we will rough cut the exterior. This does not have to be perfect. We will sand it perfect.
Shoot for 2-3mm.
 Rough up the exterior of the steel insert with sandpaper so the glue will have something to hold on to. Use CA glue and activator to glue the insert into the wood ring.
 It looks a little rough at this point. We will fix that now.
Sand it round. Perfectly round. Use higher grits and sand the edges smooth by hand. Slightly round over the edges. Sand the wood to the same width of the insert. It's still not to late to start over. Just break off the wood and make another one if you need to. 
CA glue makes a surprisingly nice finish. I usually use thin CA glue for a gloss finish but all I had was medium. Apply a thin coat with paper towel and hit it with the activator. Instand gloss finish.

Here are the CA glue and Activator I use. 

 Amazon Link for CA Medium

Simply Wooden Creations Scroll Saw Artist Challenge Entries:

The deadline has passed for entries to the Simply Wooden Creations Scroll Saw Challenge. Here are the videos of all the entries. I believe he had over 30 entries. That's a pretty good turnout. Thanks to all who entered. Thanks to Russ for putting on the contest.

If Russ has a show before the Thanksgiving holiday he will announce the winners then. If there is not show for before the holiday he will announce the winner the following week. 

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