Thursday, August 30, 2007

I get this question a few times a week so I looked up the official answer from the Corel web site.

Eligibility to purchase CorelDraw X3 Student/Teacher edition.

To purchase education versions of shrink-wrapped software, or take advantage of the Corel Volume Purchase Program, purchasers must be: accredited schools, faculties, full- or part-time registered students, academic supervisory organizations, hospitals, libraries, museums, and nonprofit charitable and religious organizations.

The aforementioned categories for eligibility for education pricing are further described as:

Accredited Schools

Institutions may be either publicly or privately owned

  • Preschools
  • Elementary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Vocational schools
  • Correspondence schools
  • Junior colleges
  • Colleges
  • Universities, or scientific or technical institutes recognized by the appropriate ministry or department of education

K-12 Educators, Vocational, college or university faculty

Proof of current employment is required.

  • Faculty and/or staff members (full- or part-time) of any accredited school
  • Registered and/or state-recognized home educators providing primary or secondary education


  • Full- or part-time registered students. Valid photo student identification is required if purchasing through a Corel Authorized Education Reseller. If a photo ID is not available, then two pieces of ID are required.

Supervisory Organizations

  • Boards of education
  • Ministries of education
  • School district administrative offices
  • State departments of education


  • All hospitals. Health Management Organizations (HMO) and headquarters are excluded


  • All public and school libraries (publicly or privately funded) providing not-for-profit library services to a community, region or district

Educational Consortia and Systems

  • Corporations and associations validly organized and existing under the laws of a state, province or territory


  • Permanent public or private nonprofit agencies or institutions organized for educational, aesthetic or cultural purposes
  • Must own or use objects for exhibition to the general public on a permanent and regular basis
  • Must collect, preserve, study, interpret, assemble and exhibit objects and specimens of educational and cultural value, including artistic, scientific (animate or inanimate), historical and technological material, to the public for its instruction and enjoyment

Nonprofit Charitable Organizations

  • Charitable organizations not affiliated with a profit-making company or organization. In the U.S., refer to IRS Tax Exemption 501 (c)(3). In Canada, refer to Revenue Canada Income Tax Act, Section 149.1 on charities

Religious Organizations

  • Any religious body considered charitable under provincial, state or country laws. In the U.S., refer to IRS Tax Exemption 501 (c)(3)
  • The organization's beliefs and practices must not be considered subversive or immoral by the courts or laws of the province, state or country

Exclusions: Congregation members or parishioners are not eligible for academic pricing. Organizations must present proof of charitable or nonprofit status and a completed Corel Nonprofit and Charitable Organization Request Form to any Corel® Authorized Academic Reseller.

Terms and Conditions
Organizations must be able to show proof of eligibility and applicable accreditation if requested by Corel or a Corel Authorized Education Reseller. It is Corel's sole discretion to accept or decline the applicant. Any issues or concerns regarding the preceding definitions shall be resolved at Corel's discretion. All software must be used for internal administrative or educational instruction purposes only. Products may not be resold, donated or used as a prize in any promotion.

Email from Dick

Click to get full image

Hi Steve,
Attached is a pattern I made that builds off one that you put on the web. A family member loves West Highland White Terriers so that is what I hope the dog looks like. I made it using Autodesk AutoSketch. It was not easy or fast like I see you do with CorelDraw X3. I tried using InkScape and was almost done after about 1 hour of trial and error. Unfortunately I forgot what I used to preach to my your drawing frequently. InkScape developed a fatal error and shut down and I lost everything. I tried to recreate it and InkScape shut down 2 more times. I decided it is too unstable to use.
I manually traced a photo of the dog in AutoSketch and then drew the rest of the pattern around the trace. I think it took me a couple of hours. Way too much effort compared to what I think you would be able to do in Corel.
Consequently I went out and bought CorelDraw X3 Student and Teachers and paid $129.00 plus tax at Fry's Electronics; there is a store in Phoenix. They don't require verification of student or teacher status. It is available for the same price on .
I haven't broken the shrink-wrap yet but the box reads just like the upgrade version so I believe it is the full version. I'll let you know if it is a reduced version. Your audience may be interested. The salesman says everybody buys the student version. Go figure.
I enjoyed your last tutorial and hope to be able to duplicate it soon.

Thanks Dick. Great info about Frys. Keep us posted on your experience with the student teacher version.

Email from Spring

From: Spring in Sydney, Australia

Hi Steve

I've attached 2 pictures of your patterns that I've completed.

The bowl is made of Qeensland Maple and New Guinea Rosewood.

The golfer is Qeensland Maple.
I had to be very careful with golfclub and the flagpole as they are very thin, I may make them
a little thicker next time to make them a bit stronger.

thanks for the patterns they were a lot of fun to make.

Spring these are very nicely executed and the wood is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the comments about the golfer pattern should be helpful to others. Thanks.

Interactive Contour Tool in Corel Draw

I wanted to post another tutorial for creating scroll saw patterns with Corel Draw. This video will explains the Interactive Contour Tool. The contour tool is used in almost every pattern I create. If you are one of the many readers trying to learn Corel Draw check out this video.

I have to keep the videos under ten minutes so I go a little fast in some places. Watch it a couple times and it should start to make more sense.

This is a tool that you almost can't do without if you plan to create patterns so jump in and give it a try.