Saturday, March 24, 2018

Stickman Baseball Scroll Saw Pattern.

It's almost baseball season and the Stick League is gearing up for another exciting season.  Let's meet a few of the players we will be watching on the diamond this season.
 Chuck "The Curve" Ball
This is Chuck's 2nd year in the league. His rookie season had it's ups and downs. No one could touch his wicked curve ball but the commissioner fined him $30,000 for suspicion of doctoring the ball. The umpire found a sticky foreign substance on the ball. Chuck insisted it was just wood glue from his foot being glued to his base.

Jack Bench
Bench is is trying to break the record for most consecutive games played in the Stick League. He has not missed a game in 12 seasons. Jack's famous father, Johnny told reporters that he attributes strong dovetail joints as the reason Jack has been able to stay healthy through so many seasons.

Willie "Biscuit" Joiner
Willie was the first Stick League players to hit .400 for a season. He was the league MVP last season and signed a multi year mega million dollar contract in the off season. There is also rumor that he signed the most lucrative endorsement contract in the history of sports. Details are not public but it is reported that Willie signed a 10 year endorsement contract with Diamond Brand Toothpick for $200 million dollars. When he was asked about the deal he just smiled and said "Care for a toothpick?"

Chief "Blind" Dovetail
Chief Dovetail calls'em like he sees'em. The Chief has been an umpire for 62 years. Unfortunately his eyesight has not been so good for that last 20 years or so. Last week he called the mascot out at second during the seventh inning stretch. He was clearly safe.

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