Sunday, March 31, 2019

Fretwork Fish on a Grain of Rice Scroll Saw Pattern.

I decided to take on the challenge of breaking the world record for micro-fretwork. This grain of rice is approximately 6 millimeters long. I collaborated with Pegas Blades of Switzerland to have custom scroll saw blades manufactured. Pegas jumped at the challenge and made me a gross of  #32/0 modified geometry blades. While they were at it they manufactured #300 micro drill bits. These roughly measure 1/100th of a millimeter. A special chuck was required and supplied. Thanks, Pegas.

Another big challenge was getting the pattern printed and attached to the grain of rice. After several attempts, I managed to get the pattern lined up and attached to the rice.

I was all ready to start my attempt at the record but had to wait for the blades to ship from Switzerland. They arrived on Wednesday. I was disappointed when I opened the package that the blades were not in the box. I called Pegas and was told to take a closer look. Yes, they were indeed in the package. They were so small that I needed a high power magnifier to see them. Wow.

I woke up early Thursday morning ready to break the record. I fueled up with a bowl of corn flakes and orange juice. Let's do this thing.

For proof of the world record, I started my video camera.

I started my first cut at 8:03am. Two hours later and 27 broken blades I had completed the tail fin. I was killing blades at an alarming rate. I had to focus and do better. 

I took several deep breaths and slowed my heart rate. I managed to cut the scales over the next hour with only 7 broken blades. I got this.

Eight more hours of cutting with a few water breaks and I was down to my last interior cut. Murphy's law took over and I broke several blades. I was down to one blade. If it broke I would have to reorder more blades and that would take weeks. To break this world record today I would have to muster all my focus and concentration. I held my breath and started the last cut. I did it!

Exhausted from the tension I just sit there for several minutes admiring my work. I was happy and t