Sunday, November 8, 2020

Arrowhead Deer Scene Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This arrowhead scene is ten inches high. It is two layers of 1/4" thick material. I did not cut this pattern but I would probably use BB ply because the pattern is so large. I would either stain or paint the backer board for contrast.

Door Skins? Email Tip from Ron Carey: 

Okay, so apparently I was the only one not to know what this material was. I received this email from Ron Carey today. He sent me these pictures and described the material he used.

(Ron Carey)"Also I have been using door skins from our local Ace hardware company named Jerry’s. They are approximately 36” x 80" x 1/8”. I like red oak. One side is good the other is, I'm guessing a birch. The 

point being with the personalized ornaments you want the good side out. I can stack cut 4-6 depending on if I want to add in 1/4\” something else as a more keepsake ornament. The last skin I bought was 

$27. You get a lot of Ornaments or fretwork from these skins"

36" X 80"X 1/8" is a lot of cutting material. Granted it would not be good for many projects but for projects like Christmas ornaments or portrait style pattern like those above it looks interesting and inexpensive.

I was on Russ Clarity's YouTube stream last night(Simply Wooden Creations) and I ask the folks on the show if they had used door skins. I think all of them had used the product. I tried to look online at Lowes and Home Depot to find a link to the product. I could not find it. 

I cannot attest to how well it cuts but the guys I spoke with seemed to think it did pretty well. Russ said he thought the skin he had was somewhat brittle. 

From what I have read online, there are different types of door skins. What I was looking for are the sheets that are thin plywood with real wood over the substrate. I am told that Home Depot has them but I have not looked in the store yet.

I'm just sharing this information because I know how difficult it is to fine thin wood to use on the scroll saw. With this being so inexpensive it may be worth a look.

Here is a picture I fou