Friday, July 2, 2021

Elephant Family Art Scroll Saw Pattern

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I thought this would make a cute piece of art for a baby or young child's room. All the parts are cut from 1/4" thick Baltic birch plywood. I left it natural but you could paint or stain for added pop. I just sprayed them with an acrylic gloss finish. I also sanded all the edges to a slight roundover. 

I only included the patterns for the Elephant family. I'll let you come up with a simple frame. You could also just add sawtooth hangers to the pieces and hang them directly on the wall.

The Papa elephant is about 8" tall and the baby is just over 4" tall. There are only a total of 15 interior cuts so this project cuts fast. 

Halfway through 2021:

I just started designing the 2021 Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns. This image is just a rough idea for the basic three-layered ornament pattern. I plan to start taking orders in September.

I thought I would ask for input this year. Are there any themes or specific styles you would like to see in the ornaments this year? I will probably have four regular ornament designs and two pet designs. I have always done a dog and cat design and will keep that this year.

If you would like to offer input just drop me an email with the subject "Ornaments".