Saturday, October 9, 2021

1st Christmas Scroll Saw Pattern.


If you have an order for the Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns make sure you check your email spam folder. All the orders as of 10/9 5:49am have been completed and emailed. If you do not have your order make sure you send me an email. Thanks for the orders.
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After I published the last First Christmas Ornament I had a request to do another one with a Nativity theme. This one still uses a marker or paint pen to personalize. 

Want to see something crazy?

 Over the years as I completed test cuts for the patterns I do I would give some away and store the rest in the attic. As we moved I pulled them out and brought them to the new house. I thought I would sort them out and display some because I have more room in my new office.

I have about half of them unpacked. I am sorting and getting rid of anything that is broken. Not really too many are broke. That surprised me a little.