Monday, June 18, 2018

Stickman Astronaut Scroll Saw Pattern. They're Back!

It's been a while since the last Stickman pattern. I know that some of you think it has not been long enough. :) For those of you who enjoy the series I give you Stickman Astronaut.

The dream was large. The effort immense. The cost exorbitant. Man has finally become the first living being on Mars. Wait....... What?

Neil Armstrong III

Neil's great-grandfather was the first human to walk on the moon. Now he is the first human to walk on Mars. You would think that he was chosen because of the symbolism of being related to his great-grandfather but that was not the case.

Neil won a "Let's go to Mars" sweepstake sponsored by Mars Incorporated, the maker of Milky Way candy bars and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. 

Elon is now looking for corporate sponsorship to bring Neil back home but with slow sales of his Tesla autonomous vehicle, his efforts have been less than fruitful. Looks like Neil has become the first permanent resident of Mars. 

Nuebo Flicakack

Much to Neil's surprise, he was not the first living being on Mars. Upon landing, he was greeted by Nuebo.  Nuebo is from the planet Arkas. Arkas is the third planet in a system of 12 planets orbiting a star named Intercrus. 

Nuebo also won a sweepstake to be the first of his species to visit another world. Apparently, capitalism is one of the driving influences in the formation of intelligent life. 

Nuebo has offered to give Neil a lift back home. Unfortunately, the U.S. government is not issuing visas to aliens who do not have at least a high school education or a sponsoring family member in the states. Looks like Neil may be stuck on Mars for a while. 

Mars One