Sunday, June 4, 2017

United States Air Force Plaque with Flag.
Here is the next in the series of Military Plaque Flags. This one salutes the U. S. Air Force. I will design the Coast Guard plaque tomorrow to complete this series.

This series is getting lots of downloads. That's not unusual for military patterns but this is even more than the norm. We set aside certain days to honor our military men and women but every day is a great day to say thank you to all of them. 


Update to the Marine Plaque from this series.

I had a couple of requests to change the wording on the Marine plaque in this series. It now says United States Marine Corps. This looks much better. Thanks for the feedback. You can download the update from the online catalog or this link. Marine Plaque. If you use this link and still get the old pattern you may have to clear your browsers cache.


Follow-up on Yesterdays Seyco ST-21 table fix.

I spoke with Ray from Seyco today. I showed him the problem with the magnetic table cover abrasion. I sent him the info I shared with you yesterday and the fix I completed. He said that it can be difficult to get the stand adjusted perfectly so the fix I did with the washers under the table is now the recommended way to complete the assembly.

I had mentioned in yesterdays post that I was giving up approximately 1/16 inch cut height by raising the table. Ray mentioned that if this is a concern you only need to raise the upper arm to add that depth loss back. I had not thought of that but it makes sense. The amount you need to move the upper arm is so small that it should not make much difference in the front to back movement of the blade.

I have the Seyco dust extraction system installed on my ST-21 and will be doing a video review of it soon. 

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