Friday, February 26, 2021

Advent Candle Wreath Scroll Saw Pattern

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I know that the timing of this pattern is a little odd. This Advent candle wreath should be a holiday season pattern. I'll be honest. I was designing this for a reader and ran out of time to do a second pattern so this became the pattern of the day.

Excuse the inappropriate candles. That is all I had available. Most will prefer stick candles over tea light candles. I will link below to more appropriate candles. You will need to come up with metal candle trays to hold the candles.

I know that some of you will want the fifth candle in the middle. I included a version of the pattern that eliminates the angel and has a center base for the fifth candle.
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If you like the tea light style advent candles, they make those also. Here is a link to a set of those.