Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Cat Bird House Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Shadow the cat is ready to welcome the birds in your backyard to stay in his birdhouse. Maybe he is welcoming them to his belly. Either way, this is a fun project. 

It is cut completely from 1/4" thick Baltic birch plywood. I used Titebond III water-resistant glue and small brad nails to ensure it can handle the weather. After the exterior paint cures, I will add three coats of spray acrylic inside and out.

Even with the waterproof glue I still added small brad nails for extra holding power. The box is assembled with slot and tab construction for extra strength. 

I cut the hole 1.5" in diameter. That should handle many of the smaller backyard birds.

This is an easy-level project. None of the cuts are difficult and there are few interior cuts. It is basically a simple box with a cat glued on the front. The most difficult cuts are the slot and tab joints. Check their fit before you apply the glue. It is best to undercut slot and tab joints. You can always take a little more off if they are too tight.

My wife, Patty said this project is cruel and that I am warped. She might be right because I am looking forward to getting a photo of a bird's head sticking out of the cat's mouth. 😿

The photos look like the birdhouse is floating. The paint was still tacky and I did not want it to get paint in my light tent. It is just propped up on a small dish.

I used a simple rotating door for the clean-out access. Make sure the screw does not go all the way through. The birds could be injured so be careful.