Sunday, August 4, 2019

Miter Joint Clamp Scroll Saw Pattern.

If you make your own frames for scroll saw portrait patterns then this jig may be helpful.

Turn your quick clamp into a miter joint clamp. This is another simple handy shop jig that you can cut quickly on the scroll saw. There are all kinds of techniques for gluing up miter joints. This jig is pretty simple and works well.

You will need different sizes quick clamps depending on how wide the boards with the 45 are. 
Note that glue-up only miter joints are not very strong. Adding a spline or other fastener is often helpful.

These are conservative estimates.
6" clamp will glue up to 1" boards.
8" clamp will glue up to 2.5" boards
12" clamp will glue up to 5.25" boards.

If you do not have quick clamps then see the hot glue method below.