Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Every shop needs a sturdy wooden mallet.

This is not a project that you would usually use a scroll saw for but what the heck. This is a scroll saw blog after all. Actually this project comes together quite nicely using the scroll saw.

The mallet is made from Hard Maple. The handle is dovetailed and pined with dowels for strength.
The handle protrudes from the head seven inches. This feels just right to me but it's not a big problem to make it longer. It's plenty heavy made from the maple but there is an option in the pattern to hollow out the center and add lead weights. I don't think it needs them but it's pretty standard practice so I included the option.

I used a #12 blade for cutting the hard maple. I think that might be the first #12 blade I have used in years. It was worth digging them out for this project. That hard maple is a challenge to cut.

The pattern has all the instructions to complete the project.

Here are the pictures I took while I was building the mallet. There is more detail in the pattern.