Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Eiffel Tower Clock Scroll Saw Pattern. More info on the copper jewelry project.

This Eiffel Tower clock is 25 inches tall. It took around six to seven hours to cut. I worked on it a little yesterday and finished today. The clock insert is a 2 3/4" from Bear Woods. The clock is made from maple. I used the 1/2" X 12" X 16" Scroll Saw Plank from Heritage Wood Specialties. The base is Bubinga also from Heritage. 

I used a Pegas modified geometer #3 blade from Bear Woods. I used a relatively small blade because of all the small angle turns. I did not want to back out of every turn so the small blade allowed me to make the very tight turns. I did still have to back out of many of the turns to get a sharp point but it still saved me some time. If I were making this as a show piece and not a demo I would backed out of every turn to get sharp points.
The clock is cut in three separate sections then glued together. The glue joints need to be flat so the pieces make good contact. If you cut these sections with your scroll saw you will probably have to sand them flat. Place sand paper on a flat surface and carefully sand flat. Test fit the pices to make sure they make good contact.

You will notice in the picture that the bottom is different than the final pattern. I used dowels to secure the clock to the bubinga base. I added tabs to the final pattern.

The top section is almost 16 inches tall. There was not a good place to break this part of the pattern in half so I left it that tall. This is a bit of a challenge to cut. When you are cutting the far ends you will be some distance away for the blade. Take your time. Sometimes cutting long pieces is easier if you stand up.


I just wanted to update you on the copper jewelry project I mentioned last week. I received a ton of email saying you wanted to try this project. It is coming along well. I received the new batch of jewelers blades today and made this copper name bracelet. I still plan to take orders for custom name patterns for a few of the pieces. 

The blades we will be using are the jewelers blades sold at www.mikesworkshop.com. I spoke with them and they have a good supply on hand. I will be using the J #3/0, J #1 and the J #3 blades. If you think you will be wanting to give this a try head over there and order a few of each. They are $3 a dozen. Don't be surprised if they run out though. There are a lot of you who will be buying them. 

Keep in mind that these are very fine blades and wear out much faster than normal scroll saw blades. If funds are tight just order the J #3 but order at least three dozen. The bracelet above took two blades. 

Most of the jewelry will be made from copper pipe. A few of the pieces like this copper bracelet will be cut from 1" X 6" copper bracelet blanks. These blanks are $3 each on Amazon but you have to buy a set of 10. You won't need to buy these unless you plan to make the bracelets. Still at $3 per bracelet that's a nice cheap project.

I also ordered a 6" X 6" sheet of 18 gauge copper. I wanted to have this in case you were not interested in using the copper pipe. The pipe does take a little hand strength to open and flatten. I am trying to come up with a technique to make it easier.

Another supply that you will need is 1/8" Baltic birch plywood. This will be sacrificial to protect the copper and table while cutting. Stay tuned coming soon.