Saturday, June 26, 2021

Layered Prayer Plaque Scroll Saw Pattern

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This layered prayer plaque is five 1/8" thick layers of Baltic birch plywood. I ended up including face detail in Jesus after I cut the pattern. I was trying to keep it basic so you can decide to add it or not. The cuts are pretty small.

If you decide to cut this from 1/4" thick BB ply it will be 1 1/4" thick. The dimensions of the plaque are 8" X 10". 

If you cut it from 1/8" BB ply then I suggest stack cutting two at a time for an easier cut.

If you like the pattern enough it would be cool to see it cut from a nice hardwood. It is going to get expensive though.

This is another pattern that works well for your laser cutters.  

Miscuts are fine. Sloppy cuts, not so much.

I was watching a professional music producer talk about adding auto-tune to songs. He said auto-tune takes away from the character of the singer's voice. If over done it sounds robotic. What does this have to do with the scroll saw?

Hand-made items have errors. Just like singers sing slightly off-key sometimes. As long as the errors are not sloppy it just adds character to the project. You will sometimes see the same problem with laser-cut projects. I used my laser to cut the Prayer plaque of today's project. It's okay but you can tell it is not handmade.

So if you want something to look hand made don't overly worry about miscuts. Worry about sloppy cuts. There can be a fine line between a miscut and a sloppy cut but it is important to decide what your expectations are. Now you can stop fretting over missing a pattern line and enjoy making handmade projects.