Sunday, January 31, 2021

"Thy Will Be Done" Cross Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This three-layer plaque is eight inches wide. I wanted to keep this a simple pattern without much ornamentation. The lettering is fairly small so just take your time with that part.

Three layers of parts.

Sizing Orphaned Scroll Saw Blades:

IMPORTANT: This is not a perfect science. This chart will just get you close. Sorting scroll saw blades are not the most important job but I thought I would see if I could make it easier. Just in case you have the urge to organize.

It is easy to end up with several scroll saw blades all mixed up of different sizes. I received an email today asking how to get them sorted back to similar sizes. I had to think about it for a while but maybe this chart will help. With a brand size chart, micrometer, and magnifying glass it would be more accurate but who wants to go to all that trouble for a few cents worth of blades? For some job, close is close enough.

I have been a scroller for so long that I can identify the standard blade sizes just by touch. Maybe I'm fooling myself but I think I would get most of them correct. I have touched scroll saw blades almost every day for thirteen years. Before that was another 15 years of casual scrolling. 

If you only use a scroll saw occasionally. If you have poor sensitivity in your fingers. If you have limited vision then it may be difficult to sort them out. 

When you print out the chart pages, be certain that the print dialog is set to "Print Actual Size". If it is set to "Print to Fit" the chart will print at the incorrect size.


We will be checking the width of the blade.