Friday, May 20, 2016

A new e-Magazine from Sue Mey.

Sue Mey has released another e-Magazine. She ask if I would pass the offer on to my readers and I'm happy to do that. Sue always crams these e-Mags with great patterns and this one is no exception. You could easily spend the price of this e-Mag for one patterns. I believe this edition has 16 patterns. Now that's value. Take a minute and check out this offer. You will be happy you did. 


Note: The items shown are linked to the website - Click on either the Description or the Image for it to open there
I am quite pleased with this issue of the e-Magazine, as I think it has something for everyone. If you enjoy a challenge, give the compound-cut vase project a go. For those who like portraits with numerous inside cuts, there is a beautiful leopard. Looking for quick and simple? Make the puzzle trivet or coasters. Various useful items have been included, such as the handy box for Dad – just in time for Father’s Day.
To see the Table of contents for more detail on the projects and articles included, click on either the description or the image below. Vector files are available on request.

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