Friday, March 29, 2019

I Love My Sewing Time Clock Scroll Saw Pattern.

This is a clock for the sewing room. It requires a 2 3/4" clock insert. I get my clock inserts from Bear Woods

There was a time when sewing was a necessity for most families. They did not have easy access to department stores. Sewing helped keep the family clothed. The art was passed down from mother to daughter. Through the 1900s the art/skill declined in popularity. Then the popularity of DIY started in the 2000s and sewing has been growing in numbers. 

LED Magnifying Headset Review:

Many scrollers use a magnifying lamp when they cut. These are normally large and need to be attached to the scroll saw stand. They work fine for most people.

I was asked by a reader what I thought about wearing a magnifying headset for scroll sawing. I had never tried one that I could remember so I jumped on Amazon and ordered the one above. This one had decent reviews and was priced moderately.

I got it in yesterday and went to the shop to try it out. 

Let me tell you the features before I talk about how it worked. 

It comes with five lenses. 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, and 3.5x. You can place two sets of lenses on the headset at once to multiply the magnifications.

It comes with an LED light that is able to tilt to the angle that places the light where you need it. It is reasonably bright.

The headset strap is adjustable and fits my big head just fine. I don't think anyone would have a problem with the fit. It has a dial adjuster that works easily. You can adjust it while it is on your head.

There are tightening thumbscrews on each side of the headset to make it stay in the position you set it. There was one review that said they could not keep it in place but it worked fine for me.

The overall quality seems fair to good. I would not expect it to last a lifetime and I would not recommend dropping it too many times but it was acceptable.

The lenses come is a nice little box to protect them from scratches and dirt. The lenses are plastic and do attract wood dust. You will have to blow them off from time to time.</