Saturday, November 12, 2022

Fish Puzzle Scroll Saw Pattern.


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Fifteen puzzle pieces is just enough to give a few minutes of challenge. The puzzle is cut from 3/4" thick pine. You will need a board that is 5" wide and 10.5" long. You want to use a smaller blade so the pieces fit together well. A #3 blade will give a decent fit without the pieces being too snug. 

When you cut puzzles out of 3/4" thick wood you need to make sure the blade is square to the table. If not the pieces will slide out in one direction and stick in the other direction.

You also have to be aware of blade deflections while cutting. Make sure the blade has good tension. While you are cutting pay attention to the amount of side pressure you put on the blade. Keep the pressure on the front of the blade as much as possible to prevent blade deflection and a warped cut. 

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