Monday, June 21, 2010

Kellie's Basket, Scroll Saw Pattern.

I enjoy designing and making scroll saw baskets. I like to come up with different types of weave and different sizes. This one is not so much a weave as it is just a decorative pattern. The walls are pretty thin. Less than 1/8" so you need to be accurate while you cut them. They have corner posts for strength. I kept the handle basic.

In this example I used 1/2" walnut for the top, bottom and handle. The weave is cut from pine. The dimensions are 5.25 x 4.

The heat here in Lexington is still unbearable for most of the day. 90 + every day for a while now and more to come. The heat index is about as bad as we can get. It's keeping me out of my un-air-conditioned shop for the most part. For those of you that I have told I would work on a project or pattern it will take a while.

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