Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Train Bridge Scroll Saw Pattern.

With an optional second layer
Download Below

This train pattern is 10" X 8". I know that some of the train enthusiasts will know that I did not make this historically accurate. I have no idea what type of locomotive this is or if Union Pacific is accurate for the era. I made this up purely in my head so I'm sorry for any inaccuracies. I just started drawing and this is what came out. In my mind, I was thinking about this in a child's room.

I am showing three different images of the pattern to give you ideas for finishing the project. The last image has an extra second layer to give the work more depth.

Another Layered Scroll Saw Pattern from Alex Fox:

Watch the Video

Alex is a wonderful pattern designer. He just introduced another layered design that some of you will be interested in. Here is the link to his Etsy store where he sells his patterns. Make sure you look through all the pages in his store. He has some older portrait style patterns that are outstanding.

This pattern is four layers plus an optional backer board. I especially like the bamboo frame. 

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping
Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.