Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Scroller's helping the Childrens Miracle Network

The Children's Miracle Network was founded in 1983. They have two goals. Help as many children as possible by raising funds for children's hospitals. Keep funds in the community in which they were raised to help local children.
Each year the Tri-County Scrollers form Ephrata PA are invited to participate in the fair at the Penn State Hershey Medical center. The members donate items they have made and all proceeds go to the telethon.
The group takes their saws along and every child that comes by is given their choice of a scrolled animal puzzle or other hand made gift. The scrollers say it is amazing and heartwarming to see the expression on the childs face when they receive their gift right off the saw.

The men and women of the Tri-County Scrollers who participate say it is an experience they will never forget.
This year the local telethon raised $2,851,000,00 for the local children. That truly is a miracle network of people from all walks of life pulling together to help the kids.
The members of the Tri-County Scrollers made a difference in their community. They made a difference in a child's life. It's hard to think of a better way to put their craftsmanship to use. Thank you Tri-County Scrollers. Job well done.

I want to thank Tom Snavely for the photos and background information on this wonderful event.