Monday, May 14, 2018

Mixed Martial Arts Scroll Saw Pattern.

This three-layer Mixed Martial Arts pattern will make the MMA fans happy. MMA is a violent sport that does not always have a great reputation. That's a shame because the skill and training involved are incredibly challenging. Many of these athletes train for years to develop their technique.

Custom Compound Cut Patterns. $5 each: 

I will continue taking orders for the compound cut name patterns for a couple more days. I will be traveling to the Ohio show on Thursday so get your orders in soon and I'll try to get them complete before I leave. 

Remember that you only pay after you have received the pattern and are completely happy with it. I will include the Paypal payment link in the email with the pattern. I also include a mail address if you wish to pay by check or cash. The patterns are $5 per name.

North Eastern Ohio Scroll Saw & Woodworking Expo:
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The show starts this Friday. Hope to see you there.

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