Thursday, May 13, 2021

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This is a small jewelry box with a tray.  The project is cut from 1/4" sweetgum wood. This is the first time I have cut sweetgum wood but I like the way it cuts. I used walnut for the tray just to add a little contrast. I still have not made up my mind if I like the two species of wood together. 

The fretwork on the lid has some fairly small interior cuts. You will need a 1/16" drill bit to drill a few of the holes. I used a #3 blade for all the cuts.

The box uses a built-in hinge. If you look closely you will see that I rounded over the hinges so they fit into the hinge holes accurately. 

The tray sits on two, tray supports glued into the box.

There is a technique in woodworking that I call "Cut to fit". When you are cutting par