Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Craft Room Art Scroll Saw Pattern.

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We all want our work areas to inspire and motivate us. If it is our workshop or craft room we should make it an enjoyable place to be. Adding art can do the trick. 

This piece of craft room art has the added touch of being mounted to a fabric covered board. I thought that was appropriate for sewing machine art.  

The fretwork backer board is painted the color of your choice. My wife likes red so red it was. The project backer board is wrapped in fabric. I used a piece of curtain. I wanted something heavy so it would wear well. Make sure you round over the edges of the board before you staple on the fabric. This helps keep the board from tearing the fabric.

I was never very good at upholstery but I got it cut and wrapped without too much mess. The backer board is 1/2" thick Baltic birch plywood but anything will be fine. Use what you have that is cheap.

I attached the painted board to the backer board with a couple of nails. Put them in a spot where the fretwork will cover the heads.

The fretwork was attached with CA glue and activator. For a more secure attachment, you could add a couple of small head nails. Put them at each end of the words or in a place where they look natural.

Strangest thing I have ever reviewed. I don't care, I like it.

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