Sunday, August 2, 2020

Tea Light Lantern Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Caution: Only use electric tea light candles. 

All the wood parts are cut from 1/8" thick Baltic birch plywood. The top handle is a coat hanger cut and bent to shape. I started to make the handle from plywood also but it was too fragile. The coat hanger has some spring to it making it easy to put the ends into the holes.

The top is not glued on. You remove the top to insert the tea light. The small hole in the bottom is there so you can use your finger to center the tealight. The hole is optional.

This project only weighs 1.8oz so it might make an interesting Christmas ornament. I would change the handle shape and replace the window with a holiday-themed pattern. I might even be able to make this one of these years personalized ornament patterns. 

This pattern is much easier to cut if you use stack cutting. You might also be better off using a reverse tooth #3 blade.  

Notice the beautiful light pattern the candle is shining on the wall in the photo below.

Anji Long Discusses tip for beginners on

I am not endorsing Anji. I do not know her. I do think the video has valuable information.

Read this before you watch the video.

I receive a lot of email questions about selling crafts on If you are not familiar with Etsy. it is an online market place for selling crafts and more. I know a bit about Etsy but am no expert by any stretch. I started looking for a good source of information that I could point folks to and I found Anji's YouTube channel

Warning: While I like the information she includes in her videos, she also tries to sell a marketing product at the end of her videos. I know nothing about the product she sells so will leave it up to you if you want to watch the last few minutes. Here Etsy product is not a marketing product so I suspect she uses affiliate links to make extra cash. That's not a bad thing but something you should know.

Selling online crafts is very difficult. In this time of chaos around the world, many of us need an alternative way to make extra money. Etsy is potentially a way to make a few dollars but you need to know that it is a lot of work. Etsy is like so many other opportunities. It takes knowledge and hard work to be successful. It also requires a product that someone wants to buy. 

In this video, Anji does a good job of laying out the groundwork of the financials of Etsy. She discusses fees and expenses. She discusses Etsy advertising costs. She breaks down her personal gross income and net income. She also has several other videos on her channel about Etsy selling but I have not watched enough of them to say how valuable they are.

Now my two cents. You need all the basic information about selling online but you also need to find a product that will sell. That can take time and research to find your niche. Jewelry is the number one product sold on Etsy. That means your jewelry better be outstanding and unique if you want to draw eyeballs to your merchandise.

If you try to get too unique, think, voodoo dolls, then you might not find many customers. You have to make a product that is unique and easy to produce at a price where you can make a decent profit. 

From my personal experience, it is not good to list dozens of different products that don't have a similar theme. If you make a bunch of random scroll saw projects and list them it does not give the potential customer a sense that you are an experienced craftsman. Find a niche. Think about a theme. If Christmas is your theme then keep all of your products Christmas projects. 

Many of us may never be able to sell at craft shows again. The risk may just be too high for us to take the chance. It is common to make no profit from craft shows for the first several shows. You have to learn the ropes. Will you take the chance if this virus is still floating around? Tough question. Etsy may be an alternative if you won't have the opportunity to sell in person. Just make absolutely sure you understand the financials. Many craftsmen have lost money and never realized it happened. Count every expense. 

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