Sunday, August 2, 2020

Tea Light Lantern Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

Caution: Only use electric tea light candles. 

All the wood parts are cut from 1/8" thick Baltic birch plywood. The top handle is a coat hanger cut and bent to shape. I started to make the handle from plywood also but it was too fragile. The coat hanger has some spring to it making it easy to put the ends into the holes.

The top is not glued on. You remove the top to insert the tea light. The small hole in the bottom is there so you can use your finger to center the tealight. The hole is optional.

This project only weighs 1.8oz so it might make an interesting Christmas ornament. I would change the handle shape and replace the window with a holiday-themed pattern. I might even be able to make this one of these years personalized ornament patterns. 

This pattern is much easier to cut if you use stack cutting. You might also be better off using a reverse tooth #3 blade.  

Notice the beautiful light pattern the candle is shining on the wall in the photo below.

Anji Long Discusses tip for beginners on

I am not endorsing Anji. I do not know her. I do think the video has valuable information.

Read this before you watch the video.

I receive a lot of email questions about selling crafts on If you are not familiar with Etsy. it is an online market place for selling crafts and more. I know a bit about Etsy but am no expert by any stretch. I started looking for a good source of information that I could