Monday, January 1, 2018

Amateur Wrestling Scroll Saw Pattern.

This amateur wrestling pattern was a suggestion from a reader. I'm not too savvy about wrestling but I assume you could use this pattern for high school or college wrestling. I think they can both wear head gear. If not then just delete the veining for the head gear and it should work.

This is a large pattern. It's ~14.5 inches wide.   

When I posted the picture of my Sand Devil sanding block in Sunday's post it generated a few questions. I reviewed this a few years ago but here is some information for those who were not around then.

I'll let you watch the video review below for most of the detailed information but just let me say that I use this tool a lot. The Sand Devil is designed with different shaped edges. These shapes allow you to use this sanding block for several areas that a regular sanding block just can't get to.

The Sand Devil sells for around $20 and that is a great value for a tool designed and built this well.

If you are interested in the Sand Devil please us my affiliate link to order it from Amazon. Your price stays the same and I get a small kickback for each order.

Since I purchased mine they have changed the look somewhat but the design is the same.

This video was not done by me but it explains the tool so well there was not good reason for me to do another video.
This is a video review of the Sand Devil from Peachtree Woodworking

Woodworking Show of Texas: