Friday, January 3, 2020

Simple Business Card Holder and Desk Clock Scroll Saw Pattern.

 Requires a 1 7/16" mini clock insert.
Click the link to check out the styles at Bear Woods

 Download Below

This is another one of those projects where I get to use up small pieces of wood leftover from other projects. I keep even the smallest pieces of scrap. 

This super simple business card holder will hold about 45 business cards. If you choose to use the mini-clock insert it serves two purposes on your desk. I also included patterns for using an initial on the project.

Personalized Signature Coins: What are they? Alternatives.

12 Coins per sheet.
Four designs

I received a few emails lately asking about the Personalized Signature coins I sell. Please let me take a minute to explain to those who may be new what these are. 

It's nice to be able to sign your work. Many of your projects will stay in the family for years. Your signature lets those who hold on to the project know who made it all those years ago. Think about a baby cradle that gets pas