Saturday, September 8, 2018

Snowman clock with replacement dial scroll saw pattern.

This pattern requires a 2 3/4" clock insert. We will replace the original dial with the included snowman dial. Warning. Some of these clock inserts can be difficult to disassemble. I used the black face dial from Bear Woods for this project and it worked fine. Your results may vary. You don't have to replace the dial but this pattern looks better with the included dial.

Note the direction I installed the clock. This allows the clock to sit on a shelf by leaning it against the wall. If you plan to hang the clock you can install the clock with the arm of the snowflake pointing up.

 You can use any thickness of wood for this project. The clock insert will go all the way through and stick out of any wood under 3/4" thick. If you want the clock to hang on a wall then use 3/4" thick wood. You can also use cheaper material like MDF and paint the clock white for a nice look.
 After you cut the wooden part of the clock you can prepare to disassemble the clock insert.
 Carefully remove the bezel and the hands. You don;t need to remove the original dial. We will glue the new dial over the top.
 I find it easier to cut the outside of the dial with sharp scissors. I use and Exacto knife to remove the center. I cut an X then slice away the four pieces.
 The outside cut of the dial does not have to be perfect. When you install the bezel the outer edge will be covered. Just get it close.
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