Saturday, October 14, 2017

Compound Cut Christmas Tree Scroll Saw Pattern.
I know some of you are new to my blog and to the scroll saw. This project is called a compound cut.
The pattern is cut from two surfaces of the wood blank revealing a 3d cutting.

I used a construction grade 2X4 cit down square to the dimensions called for in the pattern.
Wrap two sides with blue painters tape and apply the pattern over the tape folded on the center line.
I drilled two entry holes on side one and side two.
I like to use a clamp jig but you could probably hand hold this piece. You can also just just a quick clamp. This Jig is in mya online catalog if you wish to build one. Just search for "jig" in the search box. You can get to the free online catalog from a link on my blog.
Complete cutting side one.
Flip the blank in the jig ad prepare to cut side two.
Remove the blank from the jig and get ready for the reveal.