Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Ice Cream Sandwich Box Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below
The fretwork graphic was designed by visnezh / Freepik.com
The box was designed by me to include the graphic.

I ended up naming this the ice cream sandwich box. That was not the intent when I started but it sure ended up looking like my favorite ice cream. Maybe I was just hungry?

The walls of the box are 1.75 inches deep. They were cut from hard maple. The top and bottom are 1/4" walnut. 

I glued up two boards to get the thickness of the walls I needed. Cutting the thick glueup can be difficult(more info below). If you find it easier just use the wall pattern on two thinner boards and cut them separately then glue them together after they are cut out. This will take more sanding to get them flush.

I call the piece glued to the bottom of the lid, the lid keeper. I'm sure this has an actual name but for the life of me, I can't find any source that has named it. You get the idea though. It keeps the lid from sliding off. 

Let's talk about cutting thick/dense wood.

I intentionally wanted to cut thick dense wood for this project so I could discuss the problems it can cause. Hard maple is as the name implies, hard. It is tough to cut and when it is this thick it can be very difficult to get good results.