Saturday, November 30, 2019

Hanger Storage Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

Does the bottom of your closet look like the picture sent to me from Eugene? I have to admit that my closet is not very well organized. Eugene wanted to know if I could design a storage system for extra hangers. I tried to come up with a system that would save as much space as possible. Having the hangers vertical seemed like the best idea. 

Using the 16-inch dowel you can probably store about 35 to 40 hangers.  

From Eugene:
Lots of people probably have piles of extra hangers. Maybe design a low hanger rack. I appreciate and enjoy your patterns.

This is fun to watch:

Most of you know that I keep a close eye on YouTube for interesting woodworking videos. There is one genre of videos that is pretty much useless but I still love watching them. There are many DIY scroll saw build videos on YouTube. I have never seen one that would actually be useful for the type of scrolling that we do but watching the creativity is interesting to me.

This video grabbed my attention because the builder puts absolutely no effort into making it look pretty. He gets right to the point of making the blade go up and down. I love the simplistic approach and basic materials he used. Other th