Saturday, June 1, 2019

World's Best Fisherman Scroll Saw Pattern.

This fishing plaque is 10.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall. This is one of those projects that is probably best cut from Baltic birch plywood.  The rod and line are going to be fragile until you get it glued to the backer board.

If your dad is a fisherman you could make this for him for Father's Day.

Speaking of fishing. Check out the underwater fishing camera at the bottom of this post. If Dad is a fisherman then this might be a great gift for Father's Day. $150 for something I bet he does not have. 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. It is an affiliate link.

$3 PDF Catalog Update Ready for Download: Version 18.

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For those of you who have purchased the $3 PDF catalog, the latest update(Version 18) is ready to download.

If you use the Windows version then you can click the update link on the viewer program. See red arrow below.

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If you do not know what PDF catalog is then read this and watch the video demonstration. You do not need to buy this tool to have access to all my free patterns. 

This is not a replacement for the free online catalog. The $3 PDF Catalog is a convenience tool to make searching the catalog much easier. The $3 PDF catalog is a thumbnail catalog showing all the patterns in my catalog. You simply scan through the thousands of pattern pictures. When you see one you like you can use the downloader program to get it. 

You do not need to buy this tool to have access to all my patterns. This is for easier searching.